“Ty’ris was the best damn actor I ever worked with. He is a legend. Forget anyone who says otherwise.” 

– Eric André

“Ty’ris is a chameleon! Whether it’s a character who is strong-willed or a character who is meek, Ty’ris is capable of giving more to that character than what is obvious on paper. His passion for the craft mixed with his natural talent makes him a joy to work with.”

-Shelby Chapman 
Limitless Exposure Talent and Productions

“I had the pleasure of working with Ty’ris Lee in the development of ‘As Much As I Can’, the immersive theatre piece commissioned by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline. Ty’ris was an original cast member in the show’s 2016 world premiere in Baltimore. As an original cast member, his work left an indelible mark on several key characters he created in the piece. I loved working with Ty’ris, who brought much more than his performing gifts to our production. He brought his kindness, wit, and artistic soul as well.”-James Walsh

“Ty’ris Lee is an amazing talent to work with. His preparation and ability to be directed is second to none.

When Casting the leading male for my film Black In Blue, I really already had an actor in mind. But when Ty’ris auditioned, he made that decision very difficult. He was in the zone and exuded the essence of the character, forcing me to reconsider my original option.

When an actor can do that, it’s special…

Working with him was even more pleasant. I never had to worry if he would remember his lines. He took well to my directing style and helped create the character I was seeing in my head.

He continued to ask my input on his betrayal of the character and lended his talent to my instructions.

If your looking for a professional, and student of the craft, Ty’ris Lee is the ACTOR you don’t want to pass on.”-Titus J. Burrell